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De kijk van Kessels

Short documentary, 2009, 55 min.

In 1996, art director Erik Kessels and copywriter Johan Kramer founded the advertising agency KesselsKramer, which caused quite a stir with their campaigns for Ben, Diesel and the Hans Brinkers budget hotel. Kramer left the agency in 2001 and started a directing career and Kessels now applies himself to fine art, in addition to his advertising work. It is his discipline to order and find connections in the overwhelming stream of images coming towards us, for which he is partly responsible himself, by the way. For this purpose, he uses old photo albums he picks up at jumble sales. The art world does not know what to do with them.
The documentary follows Kessels during lectures, a visit to Magnum photographer Martin Parr, a foray through boxes of photo albums in his archive and the unveiling of an unexpected art work. The camera joins Erik Kessels, looking outward and inward, thus giving insight in the way he looks at his own and other people's work and at the world.




Cinematographer - DoP


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