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Het schitterende scherm

Documentary, 2006, 83 min.

When does a 'suspect' become a 'perpetrator'? The realisation of a newscast is subject to various spheres of influence and every news item is preceded by deliberations. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of NOS News, Pieter Fleury plunged into the archives and cast a glance behind the scenes. People involved bring back memories of fifty years of gathering news and news coverage. Through them, an account has been braided of the current state of affairs in the editorial office.
It is clear that the News constantly balances on the boundaries of independence and responsibility. In the early years, the compartmentalised broadcasting corporations kept the News on a tight leash, but the ties with the royal family, the loyalty towards the US, the safety of hostages or the viewer's presumed taste also have/had a big influence on the selection process. It is no longer possible to shun the multicultural debate, which was long taboo.
The image presented is not definitive, because what applies to the News also applies to this documentary.






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