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One Night Stand - Zondag

Series, 2004, 40 min.

Short film, part of a series of nine single plays calledOne Night Stand. On a night out in Rotterdam, 34-year-old Irish Renée meets 18-year-old Tom. He takes her home on his moped, somewhere in the country, but after a passionate night, he swiftly disappears the next morning to go and play soccer. Renée thinks she can quietly sleep on, but soon finds out that she is not alone in the house; Tom is still living at home. She wants to disappear stealthily, but is 'discovered' and more or less forced to spend Sunday with Tom's parents, his pubescent brother, his shrewd little sister and grandpa and grandma. Despite everyone doing their best, Renée's presence acts as a catalyst on latent resentments. This leads to equally awkward and hilarious situations and a surprising dénouement of a realistic pastoral comedy.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (8)

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