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Winterstilte - Winter Silence

Feature film, 2008, 70 min.

A small village is located in a snow-covered mountain landscape. Here, a family lives with four blooming daughters. Silently, they perform the daily routine of their austere life. One day, their father is killed in an accident, which marks the turning point in the women's thus far humdrum lives. Mysterious deer-men turn up around the house, bringing about a tension that is doomed to be discharged. From then on, the activities in and around the house attain a sensual charge, like the voluptuous kneading and beating of the bread dough. The film tells the story without words, with a camera that moves slowly and attentively across the hushed scenery. Fabulous, almost mystical images naturally blend with the plain registration of the carefully choreographed daily chores.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (3)

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