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Short documentary, 2003, 50 min.

Badr Hari (18 years old, 36 fights) and Rachid el Haddad (27 years old, 39 fights) are Moroccan talents from the Amsterdam martial arts school run by the well-known kickboxing coach Thom Harinck. Whereas the promising Badr stands at the dawn of his career, the laureate, hardworking Rachid sorrowfully bids farewell to the ring, to be able to devote himself full-time to his barbershop. Central character of the film is the experienced coach Harinck, who drills and coaches his fighters and keeps them on the rails. 'Sometimes they're approached by guys from gangland. But kickboxing won't do them any good there. You can't kick away a bullet.' Filmmakers Hans Pool and Maaik Krijgsman depict the allure of the boxing ring and the arduous way to the top. `I go completely out of my mind when I walk towards the ring', Badr says. `That's the best moment.'





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