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Sweety. The Friends, Betrayal and Murder of Maja Bradaric

Documentary, 2008, 92 min.

Lingering grief, anger and impotence play an important role in the lives of Maja Bradaric' friends. On 17 November 2003, this 16-year-old girl is strangled in a car, set on fire and discarded in a nature reserve near Nijmegen. The offenders are three boys from her circle of friends.
In Sweety, director Menna Laura Meijer talks to Bradaric' friends, bar the inflictors, four years after the facts. Based on their miscellaneous recollections, the film gradually unfolds how the inconceivable murder could take place. Maja's best friend Nina - convicted of foreknowledge of the murder - for the first time explains how she could miss all the signs by her friend and chief offender Goran M. The other friends can still hardly grasp why their cheerful and confident friend died such a gruesome death. In the interviews, the perplexity is written all over their faces. A reconstruction, threatening images of trees and ominous skies and newscast images complete their story.

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