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Het jaar 2602 - The Year 2602

Documentary, 2009, 94 min.

Roughly twenty Dutchmen are interviewed at home about their childhood experiences in a Japanese POW camp. The age they had back then is stated with their name. Some remember events down to the last detail ('My father was holding a piece of bread with liverwurst'), others speak with a smile, most of them also have nice memories.
The accounts have been edited chronologically, with one person's story being complemented by another one's example. This reveals these accounts from a child's perspective as equally personal and unanimous, illustrating how they were all degraded from children of the ruling class in heavenly surroundings to uprooted, undernourished kids with corpses printed on their retina. Still, the former inmates show little emotion when telling their stories, which as the accounts progress become more and more horrifying. The stories are interlaced with archive footage from their - idyllic - Indonesian childhood and with propaganda movies from the Japanese year 2602 (1942 in our era).

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