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Als je haar maar goed zit

-, 2001, 50 min.

In the course of a few decades, immigrants from more than a hundred non-Western countries have descended on the Oude Westen quarter of Rotterdam. And all of them want a haircut - whether they have straight hair, frizzy hair or dreadlocks. Director Jahaga Bosscha visited a Dutch and a Surinam hairdresser who have seen the once prosperous area change and two young and spirited hairdressers from Ghana and Cape Verde. Whereas the Dutch shop is painted white, open and light, the novices run a lively, dark, noisy place. Cultural differences, as well as similarities like racial tension come past on the hairdresser's chair. `My quarter is gone', the white middle-aged woman says. `Of course, you should not put all of them in one category', a light-coloured immigrant woman muses about white men. One thing remains the same: people go to the hairdresser to have a chat.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


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