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EPTAS - Oud geld en juwelen

Short documentary, 2007, 10 min.

From up close, Dijkstra depicts the phenomenon of Amsterdam treasure hunters rummaging through garbage. 'Garbage comber' Willem drives around in an odd-looking but practical little bus and searches through rubbish bags in the dark. He does not take everything on the street with him, by the way; every object is inspected, its possible value assessed. 'Towels, yeah!', he shouts with enthusiasm.
Although some residents consider the combers riffraff, they comb themselves, too. A lady proudly shows which objects in her house had been picked 'from the street'. An elderly man smugly tells the story of finding some money. Willem listens attentively; he grants other people their catches, too. In Oud geld en juwelen, Willem does not delve up a fortune. But he does find nice curtains, fine umbrellas, cupboards, clothes, vases and an Afghan coat, which he immediately puts on. In his favourite pub, he first washes his hands before enjoying a fine glass of wine. Part of Every Picture Tells a Story.





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