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De magie van wetenschap - The More You Know the Less You Need

Short documentary, 2010, 40 min.

The more you know, the less you need is a saying among the Aboriginals and one of scientist Wil Roebroeks' convictions. This archaeologist, for example responsible for the discovery of the first skull remains of a Neanderthal on Dutch soil, is followed at work. Images of excavations in England, of mines in the Netherlands - where Roebroeks as a boy dug for the past and where his passion was ignited - and of the presentation of the Neanderthal skull by then minister Plasterk. The archaeologist is an ardent advocate of primitive man, who he thinks was much smarter than is generally assumed. Roebroeks proves to be an animated, but also a modest researcher, philosophising about the relativity of his achievements: 'I'm good for three inches on a bookshelf', with seemingly modest ambitions: 'I would yet love to find a broom.' A six to seven hundred thousand years old one, that is.




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