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Het misdrijf van Abraham Prins

Short documentary, 2004, 52 min.

Abraham Prins is director Marcel Prins' Jewish grandfather. Motivated by his son's curiosity, Prins decides to find out more about his grandfather, who was arrested during World War II for riding through a park where Jews were not allowed to go, and died in Auschwitz. Two notes he threw from the train that deported him to Poland were delivered in Holland at the time. In archives, Marcel Prins discovers more elements of the paper trail that the Dutch and German authorities kept of their victims. This also leads him to the Dutch police officer who apprehended his grandfather. In an interview (anonymous and off-screen), the latter sticks by the arrest: `That man shouldn't have done it.' Prins also interviews his father, his grandfather's former opposite neighbour and others. He links the present to the past by alternating present-day shots of relevant locations (the park, family houses, Westerbork, Auschwitz) with archive footage.





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