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De ziel van witgoed

Short documentary, 2010, 52 min.

Who gives more than a moment's thought to the fact that our houses are filled with all sorts of appliances? Washing machines, electric irons and vacuum cleaners help us with the housekeeping. We buy televisions, game computers or cuddly robots for our entertainment. The remote control is neatly positioned next to the newspaper and when the washing machine makes a racket, we turn up the stereo. Appliances have become an integral part of our lives.
In subdued, stylised images, the film describes our existence with all this equipment, from waking up to going to bed. From purchase to repair to the scrap yard. Without interviews, without any comment. Sometimes this produces everyday scenes of a man having a shave. But which consequences do all these appliances have for human relationships? As a case in point, Engels shows two people in a room. One of them is having fun with the game computer, the other is chatting on her laptop. A robot dog saunters around, while a robot dinosaur gets cuddled on a lap. And the cat on the couch is not impressed with so much digital brouhaha, either.





Cinematographer - DoP


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