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Ondertussen in Nederland - De huizen van Hristina

Short documentary, 2007, 50 min.

She works there, but does not feel at home. Bulgarian Hristina, just thirty, does cleaning work in Amsterdam canal-side houses. The communication with the occupants takes place through well-meant but impersonal notes, in which people put questions about Hristina's well-being and directions concerning her domestic tasks. The personal interest is not sincere, Hristina realises. Her patrons, who prefer not to meet her when coming home, are only interested in efficient and cheap work. Although the residents' presence is tangible, Hristina feels desolate and lonely. In the film, her customers only appear as shadows. To do something she is passionate about, Hristina is permitted to take artistic pictures in the houses she works at. To observe is her role in life, she imagines. De huizen van Hristina (The Houses of Hristina) is the symbolic story of an immigrant who, despite doing her share, does not really belong.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf




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