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11 Friese Fonteinen

Documentary, 2018, 85 min.

RELEASE DATES 24 MAY 2018 NL.The plan is ambitious: eleven fountains from renowned international artists will decorate the Frisian eleven cities in the context of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018. The Elfstedentocht as art route. Artists from all corners of the world must orient themselves to the province that is unknown to them and the organizers must find support from the critical Frisian population.

The artists have been forced to immerse themselves in the Frisian cities, in the customs and traditions, to win over the population. But that population is suspicious and curator Anna Tilroe has a difficult task. She has to explain a lot and win the Frisians for the project together with the artists, and above all; involve them. At the same time, it should not, in particular, create the illusion that the population can participate in decisions about the form and content of the works of art.
But these places, which have been chosen long ago, have an enormous emotional value for the Frisians and are forever changed by the arrival of the artworks.





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