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Dit gaat nooit meer weg

Documentary, 2005, 76 min.

Mirella, Sylvia and Johanna are together in a women's refuge centre in Amsterdam. They have run away from their violent partners. In an attempt to restructure their lives and understand what has happened, they talk, let fly at each other and laugh together, but most of all they are talking on the phone. Although they dream of a new life and a new love, the women are unable to break away from the men they fled from. Despite the rows and the physical violence, they find it hard to separate from their exes for good: the quarrels about debts and the children just go on over the phone. Without giving comment, the film observes both the bickering and wrangling and the support the women get from each other. The makers spent a few months in the women's refuge centre and made an intimate portrait of three women's daily lives, in which tears, gossip, comical moments and dramas alternate at a high pace.






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