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Short documentary, 2008, 56 min.

'I still live like my parents', Egbert says while washing a handkerchief. 'If things are fine at present, why change anything?' The aged Egbert still lives on the farm where he was born, alone nowadays. A day out in Amsterdam is a big adventure. He gapes at everything in the Bijenkorf shopping mall and compares city apartments to henhouses.
This poetic and sometimes oppressive documentary portrays the daily lives of three adults who have always stayed in the parental home - like nidicolous birds. In addition to Egbert, they are the youthful looking Heleen, who goes on a holiday to Tunisia with her mother, and Michel from Amsterdam, who tucks in his 100-year-old mother. The three birds have different explanations for their lifelong stay in the nest. Heleen simply failed to meet a suitable party. Boredom and loneliness are strangers to her. Monotony does not pass Michel by, considering the platitudes in his conversation. And Egbert's old nest breathes intense desolation.






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