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Kids & Docs - Drona & ik

Short documentary, 2009, 19 min.

The Surinam-Hindustani Drona (nine) is crazy about buses and knows the entire Amsterdam bus transportation system by rote. Drona is autistic, his brother Arjun (twelve) explains. In the voice-over, Arjun says he cannot play with Drona as with a 'normal' brother. A serious conversation produces problems and a game of soccer is wasted on Drona. Arjun: 'Sometimes I find it hard he doesn't have his own friends.' Does Drona know what is the matter with him? Arjun does not think so: 'You never hear him talk about it.'
It worries Arjun that Drona wants to become a bus driver. Will he be able to handle that? We follow Drona at his special school, during his many bus trips and together with his elder brother, who proceeds to, affectionately and remarkably lucidly, unfold the complex phenomenon of autism. Documentary maker Van Campen deploys cinematic means to provide insight into autism: black-and-white recordings alternate with colourful images. When Drona travels on his beloved bus, his world colours and the confusing everyday noises fade.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

other prizes

  • US - San Francisco Superfest International Disability Film Festival Achievement Award
  • RS - Belgrade BosiFest, Best Director
  • CA - Halifax ViewFinders International Film Festival, Best Documentary Film





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