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One Night Stand - Zoenen of schoppen

Series, 2004, 40 min.

A film awash with familiar situations about going on camp with school. Eleven-year-old Bruno is tall in comparison with his classmates. As a result, he does not have much contact with them. Needless to say, Bruno arrives at the bus that will take the class to camp with great reluctance. At the last minute, his father gives him his watch, so he can count the days. But already in the bus things are tough for Bruno and that does not get any better in the camp itself. Everyone but him seems to know how to behave. Until Bruno figures out how he can score points with the popular boys and girls. Initially, it seems that his luck is turning and the camp will be a ringing success. The last evening is one of varied entertainment. During the `Kiss or kick' game, things go wrong with Bruno again.





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Cinematographer - DoP


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Cast (6)

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