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Een ontdekkingsreis naar Tarakan

Short documentary, 2002, 47 min.

What did the streets of the Indonesian city of Surabaya look like in 1938? How rusty were the tankers in the Red Sea in those days? Does that Dutch lift bridge in Borneo still exist? Filmmaker Karel Doing treats the spectator to historical footage from the vaults of the Filmmuseum to illustrate the journey to the oil-producing island of Tarakan near Borneo that his uncle Ed made as a soldier in the late thirties. Doing followed the tracks of his fallen uncle, on the basis of the letters the latter left behind, showing his personal journey with his camera in hand. Gradually, the tropical heat becomes tangible, as does the horror of the onrushing war at the time. The cannons that uncle Ed and his company loaded are still standing, all rusty and tarnished. Doing turns on his heels and quickly leaves this `end of the world', by plane this time.




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