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Reisverhalen - Zwervers van Europa

Short documentary, 2000, 49 min.

Director Eric Velthuis gives a human face to the economic migration of Eastern Europeans to the West by following two friendly Albanians on their journey to Hamburg, three thousand kilometres from home. Despite the fact that they have a Schengen visa, they stay wary throughout this rail movie. They know that Albanians are not really wanted anywhere. Still, the illegal Albanians they meet on their way appear to be strikingly candid and laconic, even in front of the camera. They grouse at length about their 'worthless' motherland - according to Velthuis, four out of five Albanians would like to leave the country - but they also feel homesick. Velthuis arouses sympathy for the two adventurers, from the endless wait for a visa at the Greek embassy in Albania, via the tension on the Italian quay, to the reception by Albanians in Hamburg, where they will start working illegally.




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