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Spreek niet. Dat hebben zij ook niet gedaan.

Short documentary, 1999, 45 min.

The boxes in the archive chests at the Dutch National Institute for War Documentation are filled with numerous lists of honour of resistance heroes from the World War II. Not the famous Hannie Schaft or Gerrit Kleinveld, but the 'nameless ones' such as Lolle Rondaan or Leo Frijda. They are buried at the special cemetery in the dunes near Bloemendaal, with many other men and women who were killed in the war. The dead had a father and mother, brothers and sisters, were engaged or had a spouse and children. The documentary tells the story of several of these people. It is not a reconstruction of the resistance. Sisters, brothers and children of the dead speak on camera about the gripping events from the past. The cemetery plays an important role for many of them.





Cinematographer - DoP


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