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Het is mijn leven

Short documentary, 2007, 55 min.

Twenty-five years ago, at the age of forty, Joop Hemelrijk was hit by a drunken driver, which left him paralysed on one side of his body. To his deep frustration, he lives in a house with mentally challenged people, whereas his handicap is purely physical. Kiki is of a somewhat higher 'level' than the other residents and the only person he can talk with. She is the daughter of a barge master, Joop's former profession, so they have a special bond.
He is lucky to have his two children. Their mother had already passed away at the time of the accident, so they had to be put up with foster families and in orphanages. Now, the children do everything they can to please their father. They have placed all hope on a new house for people like Joop who have become handicapped after an accident. But whether this will bring him the relief he really deserves? Meanwhile, he becomes so intractable that his housemates suffer from it.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

Sales agent