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Normaal - Ik kom altied weer terug

Documentary, 2001, 82 min.

The energy bursts forth from the screen during the concerts of rock band Normaal, but after the show, leader Bennie Jolink is standing in the wings gasping for breath. Jolink is suffering from asthma, which he prefers to keep hidden from his fans. The documentary is set between these two extremes: the dancing Jolink on stage as the pivot of a beer-drenched rural carousal and the private Jolink sitting at his easel at home. This is where he tells Van den Engel, despite obvious hesitation, about his health problems, his depression and a few traffic accidents. In the title song that Jolink wrote for this documentary, he sums up his feelings on the subject. Engel also interviews the other band members, one of who thinks that performing is wholesome for Jolink's lungs, and the farmers who have recognised their personal problems and dreams in Normaal for over twenty-five years now.






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