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Ted Noten: goud, zweet & parels

Short documentary, 2010, 54 min.

'Why should we articulate or explain everything?' Says jewellery designer Ted Noten. A Dutch artist who designs characteristic jewels for which functionality, wearability and saleability are of minor importance. For example, on the 'Tedwalk', he showcases designer bags that you can't put anything in. The bag is already filled, with a gun in transparent acrylic fibre. Beautiful, and controversial at the same time. That is precisely his intention, because Noten wants to fight the palling process tooth and nail. With objects that in his hands take on a completely different function or meaning. Meanwhile, Noten reaps growing international and commercial fame with his work. Which is great, of course, but is it bon ton as an artist to be marketable? We follow him during exhibitions, at work in his studio, and in the United States, where he quickly sells his work for a bundle and visits an old acquaintance. This man of one-liners -'A ring with a diamond is just a ten-ride pass!'- tells passionately about his life and the new direction he wants to take in his work.





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