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Het oordeel

Documentary, 2011, 78 min.

How does one become an independent, resolute judge? What is that independence made of? And what does responsibility imply? How do judges reach their verdicts? And what is ?the secret of the chambers? really? The answers to these questions are given during the exclusive, six-year RAIO training (Judicial Officer in Training). After a very strict selection, the Leiden law student Ouafae Bahi was admitted to this training in Zutphen. We follow her during the first six tough months; during her classes and during her traineeship at the Zwolle-Lelystad court. The new crop of judges is warmly welcomed by their trainers, but promptly warned as well: ?I call on you to show scepticism and courage. If you can?t live up to that, please leave.? This shows not only the education of the diligent Bahi, but her masters, their environment with its values, standards and customs are also given a face, which usually stays off-screen.




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