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De dans om de kast

Short documentary, 1998, 55 min.

Lost & Found: The Journey of the Ark is a documentary about an Aron Hakodesh (Holy Ark), a chest in which the scrolls should be kept in a synagogue. The chest is found by a group of Christian aid workers from Arnemuiden in the attic of a church in Transsylvania. With the Orthodox Jewish Amsterdammer Mottel Aronson, they do everything possible to get the religious object out of there and to get it sent to Jerusalem. The sudden interest in 'their' chest means that the inhabitants of the Transsylvanian village don't not want to lose the last relic of a lively Jewish community. The pastor seems to have most difficulty giving up the chest that suddenly raises to the status of cultural heritage. What started as a well-meaning gesture turns into an affair that drags on for years. Emotions are sometimes heated and evangelical fervour, bureaucratic complications and economic interests become entangled in a tragi-comic way.






Cinematographer - DoP


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