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10 Geboden - De onzichtbare werkelijkheid

Short documentary, 2000, 49 min.

For every documentary filmmaker, the ninth commandment Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour is confrontational. After all, in every film, part of the truth remains unseen: The Invisible Truth. The title also refers to the usually hidden world behind the scenes of the NOS news. Director Pieter Fleury follows NOS reporter Gerri Eickhof, who attends a memorial service in Srebrenica. Fleury shows him doing research, carrying out interviews and editing news items. In the process, time forces Eickhof to continually make choices that greatly influence what is eventually presented to the viewers as the truth. Fleury also films the editorial staff that directs Eickhof from the Netherlands and edits his work. All this for a news item that in the end lasts no longer than 180 seconds. In the meantime, Fleury's reflection on the medium also questions the documentary genre itself.





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