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Corneille, Martineau, Sierhuis Schilderen is mijn zuurstof

Short documentary, 2008, 55 min.

Remco Campert reads from his novel Het satijnen hart (2006), about a painter who experiences old age as a leaden burden. 'It's a bitter view, but it is true', Corneille notes.
This documentary offers a triptych of the artist as an old man. Corneille, Anton Martineau and Jan Sierhuis once made a name for themselves with the famous Cobra style. They are still active, but the years start to count. Martineau vigorously paints a voluptuous nude, but he has a hard time selling his work: 'I just keep going, even if I have to continue with shoe polish and toothpaste'. Sierhuis' work, on the other hand, sells like hot cakes, although he is not really pretentious about it on a varnishing day. The artists prefer to let the paintings speak for themselves, they bring back memories of World War II and visit places that are connected with Vincent van Gogh. They are not worried about how they will be remembered. Corneille: 'I'm certain my paintings will stand the test of time.'




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