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Short documentary, 1999, 52 min.

Vrekken portrays three rebellious country dwellers whose extremely sober lifestyle contrasts starkly with our consumer society, in which more is always better. Gerben (50) from Veendam and the Aarts brothers from De Peel are happy with less or nothing. Gerben is a driver on sick leave who lives on a daily plate of grain that costs about ten cents. Embert Aarts (41), an ex-student, lives in a converted chicken run on his brother Martien's land. Martien once took over their father's farm, but stopped because hard work didn't yield any result. Now he lies on the sofa, loafs around or reads a newspaper and tries to live on as little as possible. The three men in the film are mainly misers for themselves. They have consciously turned their backs on society, but do not pretend to be starry-eyed idealists.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company