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Short documentary, 2011, 45 min.

When a woman gets pregnant unintentionally, she is faced with the choice: Keep the baby or have an abortion? Onverwacht follows a woman in this predicament. The film is shot in the weeks between the moment she discovers her pregnancy and the deadline to make a decision. The audience is drawn into the intimate and painful process of self-examination and doubt she has to go through.
The woman remains anonymous throughout the documentary, her face is never visible. A meeting with her best friend who has had a miscarriage, her parents? reaction and conversations with the family doctor, therapist and abortion doctor show that a solution is not simple, especially since the father does not want the baby. Whatever she decides, it will have enormous physical and emotional consequences. Since the woman stays anonymous, the viewer can ask her- or himself at the end of the documentary: What would I have done?




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