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Voor de eeuwigheid

Documentary, 2011, 62 min.

Faith is gaining importance in the life of Pim, a trader of classic Mercedes-Benz cars. He increasingly considers it his mission to convince his environment of God?s word and the literal meaning of the Bible. It is the only way to achieve eternal life. This would lose much of its splendour for Pim if his wife Nieske, a maternity nurse, did not follow him on this path. But she looks at his new destiny with reservation. Will she eventually opt for God, and thereby for her husband? Voor de eeuwigheid shows Pim attending services with a friend and entering into a discussion with Islamic customers about Christianity as the only true religion. He explains how his faith has grown, while Nieske expresses her fear her husband has been taken in by a sect.






Cinematographer - DoP


Sound editor

Location sound recordist

Production company