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Sinti, Roma & Gadje

Documentary, 2003, 100 min.

Holland and its gypsies: Where did it go wrong? Why does the city of Driebergen offer a sod-off bonus of 275,000 Euros? What happened to the spirit of the self-appointed 'Royal Gypsy of the World', Koko Petalo, from the seventies? What was the purpose of the Trailer Park Law from 1968: to provide nice amenities in all sincerity or to 'let those people perish', as ex-politician Henk Vonhoff plainly phrases it? Filmmaker Huib Stam delved in the archives to gain some clarity on these issues and came back with historical footage about the weal and woe of the Sinti and the Roma in the Netherlands since World War II. Numerous people who were involved, both gypsies and Dutchmen, review this period by looking at old footage. 'We had to behave like Gadjo, citizens, but we remain Roma.'





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