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Goddelijk varken

Short documentary, 2010, 55 min.

The pig is the animal we people eat most. At the same time, in some cultures people consider pigs unclean. Having grown up on a pig farm, director Dortmans examines how people across the globe look at this animal. He introduces a Palestinian woman who abhors pork, but will not forbid her Dutch-Palestinian children to eat it, and a scientist who rejects pork, but has never found scientific proof of it being unhealthy. An expert in the field of animal organ transplants can cure diabetes with pigs' pancreases.
Focal point is Dorus, the animal the documentary follows from a piglet to a two-year-old pig fit for slaughtering. He grows up with Gerard Zwetsloot, a butcher who is convinced a happy pig tastes better than an unhappy one, which is why he takes it out for occasional walks. Zwetsloot has mixed feelings about Dorus: is it love of the animal or love of its meat?
It becomes clear that man has an awkward relationship with animals for slaughter. Especially if they have names.

other prizes

  • TW - Taipei Taiwan International Documentary Festival​ Merit Award





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