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People I Could Have Been And Maybe Am

Short documentary, 2010, 53 min.

Stories lie waiting everywhere in a big city. What would it be like to enter into the life of a complete stranger? Gerrets asked himself this question when he headed into the streets of London, armed with a cellphone camera. For this experimental documentary, he captured people sleeping in the subway, queues on escalators and crowded streets. There, he found Steve, a middle-aged man who has been an outsider for years. 'Invisible to the system', as he puts it. Now that he is 'seen', Steve talks candidly about his complicated life. The filmmaker also meets the Brazilian Sandrine, who confesses to being lonely in the urban bustle. She hopes for a better life for her son and is looking for a man who can help her. Steve and Sandrine talk separately about the life they lead and the one they dream of. Although Gerrets only registers things, he is part of the stories as a voice and a presence.

won prizes

  • NL - Amsterdam International Docu Film Festival IDFA award


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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