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Arie Kater - De kater komt later

Short documentary, 2009, 55 min.

From the 1950s, Arie Kater was a well-known character in the Amsterdam art scene for twenty odd years. In his paintings, he portrayed man in his naked existence. In the literal and figurative sense. Granddaughter Van Dijk never knew her grandpa. Through conversations with relatives, old friends and art colleagues, she tries to find out who this self-willed man was. Watching Kater's work, the interviewees reminisce about his technique, inspiration and personal life. His daughter Marian van Dijk-Kater used to be rather reserved on the subject: 'It was a bit awkward, things weren't always that cheerful.' As it happened, Kater used to be a bulk consumer of alcohol, he had mistresses and caused many a domestic row. His colleague Aat Veldhoen: 'He was lonely in his suffering. It's quite obvious in his paintings.' Illustrated by the paintings and old pictures of Kater, the stories draw a remarkable portrait of an almost forgotten but talented artist and of the Amsterdam art scene in that period.





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