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De beslissing van Wim Maljaars

Documentary, 2011, 67 min.

In 2008, Wim Maljaars (1961) died in an isolation cell. Choked on a peanut butter sandwich, the conclusion was. Shortly before, Wim, who suffered from schizoaffective disorder, had quit taking his medication because it allegedly turned him into a zombie. He was an anonymous person in a newspaper article.
Kees Hin filmed Wim for the first time in 1998 for Een taal met een vreemde. Maljaars kept fascinating and confusing the filmmaker. After Wim?s demise, Hin had other questions than the media and wanted to revive him. He projected his footage of Wim and simultaneously interviewed his mother, neighbour, friends, members of his go club and the social workers who worked with him. Who was Wim? How did he cope with his delusions?
The result is a surprising dialogue between the footage and the people in front of the camera, almost bringing Wim to life. His neighbour says she could live with the nuisance, his psychiatrist suspects he died a solitary death, a friend regrets she had him hospitalised. When his friend Erdwin Spits stands in front of the projector, he appears beside Wim, as it were. A touching shot.





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