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Ondertussen in Nederland - Als we het zouden weten

Documentary, 2007, 78 min.

Many babies are born without a hitch in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this does not go for every child. The filmmakers visited the intensive care unit of the UMC hospital in Groningen, where prematurely born babies are treated by a committed medical team, which discusses every patient individually. Does the child have a chance of a decent life? And what is the definition of a decent life? Very rarely, the doctors resort to active euthanasia, by means of the 'Groningen Protocol' that was developed here. This 'playing for God' has elicited criticism worldwide. However: 'It's easy to start a treatment, but it's tough to decide not to insert the tube', a doctor explains. The camera captures all emotions and considerations. Also those of the parents. Their hope, their grief, the shock when the baby passes on. The filmmakers respectfully film their emotions. As they do the contrast between the tiny babies and the medical equipment surrounding them.




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