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Eeuwige moes

Short documentary, 2008, 54 min.

A greatly magnified terminator seed floats across the screen, against a black background. The seed owes its name to the DNA manipulation which makes it sterile after flowering only once. If master grower Ruurd Walrecht had not spent his entire life preserving traditional plant species, we would no longer have any knowledge of this terminator seed. Nor of eternal mash, a rare perennial cabbage species. Walrecht fought for his 'Primeval Field' for forty years, but recently he suddenly abandoned his life's work and moved to Sweden, leaving kindred stay-behinds baffled. Still cherishing Walrecht's ideals, these people tell about the mythical grower, while being filmed in their peaceful, harmonious existence in the country as nomads or so-called crofters. On the voice-over, Walrecht himself talks about his work and the vital importance of the genetic wealth of plants for future food supplies. With abundant visual attention for obscure vegetables.

other prizes

  • IT - Roma Festival Audiovisivo Della Biodiversita Award
  • US - Redondo Beach International Film & Video Festival Award





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