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Reisverhalen - De Herenigingsexpres

Short documentary, 2002, 50 min.

The years of misery are over, spring has come to Ho Chi Minh City, a South Vietnamese singer chants. But to director Janssen, the capital of South Vietnam, where northern troops occupied the presidential palace in 1975, remains Saigon - the stage of a war that is in his head. On his journey from Ho Chi Minh City to the North Vietnamese Hanoi, via the 1060 mile-long section of the 'Reunification Express', Janssen looks for a 'new song of ideals and truth'. His interpreter, guide and exponent of the new Western way of thinking is Tsuong Son, who was named after a mountain village. His history, together with the stories of passers-by and Vietnamese songs picked up on the way, produce the image of an optimistic nation, but one whose heart is still deeply wounded.




Cinematographer - DoP


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