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Cine ambulante - Licht in tijden van duisternis

Short documentary, 2002, 54 min.

This narrative and partly dramatised documentary is an homage to the touring film and its dedicated audience in the villages around Salamanca, Spain. Joaquin Fuentes is one of the last travelling projectionists. He follows in the tracks of his father, whom he accompanied from when he was a child. In 1967, during a screening in the village of Olmo, Fuentes Sr.'s projector broke down. He promised to continue the show a few days later, but that never happened. After 34 years, Fuentes, assisted by his little son Alberto, redeems his father's longstanding promise. To bridge the time span, he projects propaganda films of the Franco regime, which in his father's time used to precede the feature film. Fuentes' arrival evokes stories about the Franco era from the old villagers, which Gieling illustrates in subdued black-and-white images.






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