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Kees Fens, erfgenaam van een lege hemel

Short documentary, 2008, 52 min.

'God has fallen into a decline (...) Like me, he has grown old', Kees Fens says, visiting his childhood church that has fallen into disuse. Religion played a key role in the life of the literary critic and essayist who died in June 2008. Fens' relationship with faith and his contemplations about the deterioration of Western European Christianity are the subject of the documentary Hans Keller made shortly before the writer's decease. Since Fens' health will not allow for it, he sends Keller off to France with strikingly detailed notes to travel 'to those places in Western Europe where heaven and earth still seem to touch.' This becomes not only a trip along the cathedrals and monasteries that left a deep impression on him during his lifetime, but also a road trip through his soul. Memories of his youth and his literary awakening are addressed, but more particularly the eternal fight he waged between living for the flesh and living for the mind.




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