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There Goes My Heart

Short documentary, 2005, 59 min.

`There goes my heart', sings Carlo (65) about the love he lost in Suriname. Carlo is one of the occupants of the first nursing home for aged drug users that was opened in 1999 in Rotterdam. John Appel follows the seven residents in their daily routines and talks with them about their past, present and future. Because despite the fact that they have found a haven, everyone without exception dreams of another life: with a new love, in their own house, or in another country where the sun always shines. They squabble, they share their drugs and alcohol, and the burden of life. Appel films from very close, but without sentimentality. The poignancy lies in the details: Carlo's shaking hands before he smokes his drugs, Kitty (Queen of the Binnenweg) in curlers before meeting her sweetheart, Carmel's anxious eyes when she closes the door to the camera.





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