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Kyteman. Now What?

Documentary, 2011, 89 min.

In 2009, Colin Benders became famous overnight with Kyteman's Hip-hop Orchestra. The Dutch audience was wildly enthusiastic and music critics outdid each other in their eulogies. Still, in December of that year Benders decided to give his final concert. He believes a real artist lets go of what he knows, takes risks and follows his desire for renewal. 'I don't make music to reap success or make money', he asserts. 'It's been a bizarre year, but now I have the opportunity again to mull over the next thing.' This documentary closely follows him during this exciting period. Benders, who dares to think big artistically, sometimes struggles with the daily practice of money and organisation. This is quite unmanageable at times and seems to contrast sharply with his plans and ideals.

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