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God is My DJ

Documentary, 2006, 94 min.

Carin Goeijers follows Duncan Stutterheim during the preparations of a new edition of the Sensation dance event, a concept that was conceived in one afternoon by Stutterheim and his friends and that brought him wealth, fame and - as this documentary demonstrates - eventually a sense of perspective. The businessman finds himself in a tumultuous period: his company ID&T is not doing well, partly due to the loss-making radio station Kink FM that he inherited from his adored brother Miles, who was killed in an accident. Still relying heavily on his father for business advice, Stutterheim has to make some drastic decisions. Meanwhile, he tries to be a father in his capital dwelling, sell the Sensation concept to the Germans and, with people like DJ Armin van Buuren and Jan Vayne, invent ideas for the new show. The film is interlarded with interviews with people involved and a hefty dose of thumping beats from the mega houseparties.





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