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Documentary, 2007, 76 min.

High-speed documentary, full of music, about the Face 2 Face project by French photographer JR and his friend Marco, presenting a light-hearted approach to the complex situation in the Middle East. In March 2007, in different places in Israel like Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Hebron and Ramallah, JR each time photographs two people with the same profession, a Jew and a Palestinian, who are asked to make silly faces. By photographing their faces from a 10 cm distance with a wide-angle lens, the subjects are anything but anonymous. They are prepared to play their own caricatures. Next, JR makes posters of the photos and hangs them up in public places, including the controversial wall in Jeruzalem. Filmmaker Gmax (Gérard Maximin) closely follows the project. Gradually, portraits emerge of the people being photographed and of the bystanders. 'We don't want posters on the wall, we don't want a wall at all', a woman in a car says.

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