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Ik gebaar, ik besta

Short documentary, 2011, 58 min.

Art academy student and VJ Jascha (20) was born deaf in a world full of hearing people. Although he received speaking exercises and guidance from a young age, he was frustrated with his deafness and the effort he had to put in to participate in the life of hearing people. Fortunately, he is fluent in sign language, so he can at least communicate with other deaf people. There was a time that sign language was forbidden in the Netherlands. So, older deaf people lived in even greater isolation as a child. Jascha pays a visit to some of them to talk about their past, frustrations and victories. They communicate in sign language, while the voice-over interprets their mute conversation. This opens up a new world to hearing people. Formerly, deaf children remained unrecognised and hardly took part in social and working life. Nowadays, guidance becomes more and more advanced and thanks to the Internet deaf people can now communicate globally. Jascha's conversations with elderly people are illustrated by archive footage of his own speaking exercises as a child and those of deaf schoolchildren in the past.

other prizes

  • RU - Inter. Disability Festival Moscow
  • IT - Palermo Italy, Sole Luna Film Festival
  • CA - Calgary Picture This Film Festival
  • US - Seattle International Film Festival
  • HR - Istarska Ethonofilm Festival




Cinematographer - DoP


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