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Come Back Kate

Short documentary, 2007, 53 min.

In 1993 Kate Bush permanently distanced herself from her pop star status. She withdrew to an isle in the Thames and severed all contact. Still, she lives on in the minds of countless admirers. The mosaic documentary Come Back Kate, constructed from small portraits of Bush fans, gives a face to this adoration. Julie performs a tribute act and Melanie arranges listening sessions in Death Valley. Fred averted his tendency to stalk Bush by writing a biography, which reveals forefather Henry Bush's bizarre cause of death. Peter, professor of philosophy, received a most charming reaction after pointing out a spelling mistake in one of Bush's lyrics, 'and that broke the spell'. Human contact broke the charm of the mythical figure. Cynthia does not call herself a 'Kate fan' but a 'Kate fanatic'. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she was afraid she would never be able to hear a new Bush album again. But in late 2005, she got well and Bush broke a twelve-year silence with her new double album Aerial.





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