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Maestro Tabachnik

Short documentary, 2008, 51 min.

Michel Tabachnik is a composer and conductor of the North-Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO). Things look bright again for this once internationally in-demand conductor. When leading members of the Order of the Solar Temple collectively committed suicide, sympathiser Tabachnik was brought to trial for 'participation in a criminal organisation'. He was acquitted in 2006. Tabachnik: 'It was horrible. I had to explain something I don't even understand myself.'
Carin Goeijers follows the now exonerated Tabachnik while he is composing and asks him about his philosophies. We also see him at work with his musicians and colleagues. In the background, we hear Tabachnik's music, which he personally calls abstract. Tabachnik's story is illustrated with photographs from successful times, interviews, footage of rehearsals and fragments of his scores. The film looks back on the drama and works up to the current, flourishing period. To the world première of his Piano Concerto and a performance of the NNO in Paris.




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