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De Vliegenierster van Kazbek - The Aviatrix of Kazbek

Feature film, 2010, 104 min.

Highly imaginative and dreamy romance set against the background of the historical 'Georgian Uprising' of 1945, a bloody revolt by a battalion of Georgian POWs against the German army on the isle of Texel.
Marie is a girl with a vivid imagination from a deeply religious family. A group of Georgians is billeted on her parents' house. The foreign culture of the young and high-spirited soldiers introduces her to music and dance and true love, creating a gap between Marie and her rigid family and bungling fiancé. When the Georgians prepare an uprising, she chooses their side. Her actions trigger disapproval and contempt from the village community.
Acts of war and resistance largely take place off-screen, which only enhances the impact. The film contains unexpected musical elements, like when Marie bursts out singing when witnessing an execution. The title refers to the film that the Georgians tote along as a memory of their country and that they dub themselves each time they screen it.

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