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Jimmy Rosenberg - De vader, de zoon & het talent

Documentary, 2006, 78 min.

`I'm a gentle person. People can hurt me very quickly. I'm extremely vulnerable, you understand?' Guitar virtuoso Jimmy Rosenberg (1980) seems unable to cope with the world. A prodigy, he was considered the sure-fire successor of Sinti legend Django Reinhardt, whose riffs he could imitate like lightning. Archive footage from those days show a timid, stammering boy with big innocent eyes. Following a period of worldwide success, his domineering father is put behind bars for years and Jimmy gets addicted to heroin. After stints in mental institutions and rehab clinics, he thinks about seeing his three children again. His talent has not suffered much by all the misery. So the hope is still alive that the mentally still unstable twenty-something will live up to his promise after all. Perhaps when his father will be released from prison. Or are precisely the stifling family bonds responsible for his decline?

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf




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